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Ramon Oriol, Ramon Benedito & Juli Capella Book

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For five generations since the mid-19th century, the Oriol family has been dedicated to the art of goldsmithing in the city of Barcelona.

Ramon Oriol (born in Barcelona in 1946), the last jeweler of this lineage, has taken traditional jewelry towards design, an area in which he feels more comfortable. This publication focuses on his work, which combines traditional techniques and noble materials with avant-garde proposals, in which he presents unexpected uses of common or technological materials (such as plastic, thread, esparto grass, wood, stones or electrical systems, among others). Although he has worked with highly artisanal methods, often producing unique pieces adapted to each client, he has always conceived jewelry to be worn. His restless personality has taken him beyond the strict field of goldsmithing to explore the realm of sculpture and design everyday objects, from pens and can openers to a car. For over 50 years, Ramon Oriol has created a personal body of work that is reviewed for the first time in this book through 250 images and over 350 preparatory drawings that allow us to delve into his creative process.