At HEREU, our environmental and social commitment is at the core of our designs. We work towards to minimising our environmental impact by blending innovation, traditional knowledge and conscious sourcing of organic cotton and vegetable tanned leather for many of our pieces. Every HEREU garment is made from Spanish or Italian leather sourced in compliance with 'The Leather Group' ethical standards. We take responsibility in selecting exclusively leathers that are by-products from the meat industry. All our canvas linings are made from GOTS certified organic cotton while the nets for our SS22 collection are entirely recycled. We strive for a minimal impact on our planet: all our components, including packaging are consciously sourced from local suppliers.

Our brand's essence lays in exceptional design brought to life through artisanal heritage to craft timeless items. Each limited piece of enduring beauty is fabricated with materials of the highest quality. At HEREU, each item is an expression of our maker's individual calling by engaging handwaving mastery, exclusively preserved by women since the 1970s- as well as the ancient Spanish moccasin-making and espadrille hand-sewing expertise.