• The moccasin is integral to HEREU’s identity and offers a perfect base for reinterpretation and refinement. For decades the style was a ubiquitous everyday shoe in Spain, due largely to its combination of relatively formal appearance with a distinctly casual attitude.

MAQUEDA and ROQUETA are fabricated using the highest quality materials, including Spanish calf leather, the upper is hand-sewn using the traditional moccasin construction. The outsole is stitched to the upper for extra flexibility and durability.

These artisans specialise in a double-needle hand stitching technique known as kiowa. When binding the moccasin's leather upper section to the sole with a strong waxed cotton thread, combined with the strength of the leather itself, kiowa stitching creates a reliable moccasin base allowing HEREU to conceive new variations on classic styles.

Featuring T-bar fastening and intricate woven front detail, MAQUEDA's and ROQUETA's interlocking leather sections provide a subtle motif that is repeated on such styles and is distinctive in HEREU pieces.