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Desobediencia Crítica a la Modernidad Book

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Discover our exclusive “Bernard Rudofsky: Critical Disobedience of Modernity” edition, featuring a customized leather cover crafted in Spain.

Bernard Rudofsky was an architect, critic, exhibition curator, publisher, clothes and furniture designer, photographer, researcher, and university professor in different countries (Yale, MIT, Waseda). A multifaceted creator and irreverent critic, his figure is seen now more than ever as that of a tremendously up-to-date creator, not only because of his critical attitude towards the progress of the consumer society, but also because of his pioneering claims for the economy, intelligence and sustainability of the anonymous architectures of the world, which he documented and studied on his travels and in his publications.

This book, published on the occasion of the exhibition Bernard Rudofsky. Critical Disobedience of Modernity, celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of his Architecture without Architects exhibition (MoMA, New York, 1964), which is one of the author's most influential references.

This examination of his intense, versatile production, touching on areas such as clothes and shoe design, historical criticism and architectural projects, culminates with a monographic study of La Casa in Frigiliana (Andalusia), which was the author's last building.