Jorge Gay (Zaragoza, 1950) is a Spanish contemporary artist. His work can be defined as surrealism —or a fantasy-filled realism— with hints of expressionism, where architectural landscapes prevail.

Photographed by Vicente Almazán

Merging Jorge Gay's signature graphic style with HEREU's excellence in artisanship, we introduce an inaugural collaboration of limited edition silk handkerchiefs inspired from his bold serigraph "Los Fugaces Párpados”

HEREU would like to give a special thanks to Sala Dalmau for their contribution to this unique project.

“Los Fugaces Párpados”

Discover Gay’s creations available to purchase on Souvenirs

"El Amor Nuevo" or "The New Love" contains text by Ignacio Martínez de Pisón and Jorge Gay. Showcasing Jorge Gay's creative process and artworks, relating to his 2005 mural with the same title "El Amor Nuevo" commissioned specifically by the Fundación Los Amantes de Teruel.

A master of landscape and figuration, we furthermore present an exclusive curated collection from his 2018 artworks titled “Los Fugaces Párpados” or “The Fugacious Eyelids"