• Niño de Elche, a multidisciplinary singer and former flamenco artist, has managed to combine in his various artistic proposals genres such as flamenco, free improvisation, krautrock, and electronic music along with poetry, performance and theater.

For February´s playlist, we collaborated with Niño de Elche to create a musical soundtrack based on the concept of 'new love'

Listen to "El Amor Nuevo"

Artwork by Ernesto Artillo

"St. Augustine confessed understanding time alone, yet struggled to explain it when questioned. Similarly, this happens with the experience of love, hence we continue to make songs in a circular way in relation to this experience that moves the world."

In addition to fourteen recorded works, he has published four books of a more poetic nature. For the Collection of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, he developed the work "Auto Sacramental Invisible," a sound representation based on Val del Omar.

The concept presented in the book "El Amor Nuevo" by Ignacio Martínez de Pisón and Jorge Gay has inspired this special playlist.